Lagos L12, Custom Design

We present this boat of classic and stylized appearance, built with the quality and attention to detail that has characterized us throughout our more than 100 years of history.

We can build this boat adapted to the needs of the Owner, and although we offer a standard configuration, the interior and cockpit layout would be tailor-made.

The wood finishing of the coamings and transom that can be seen in the rendering would also be optional. In the interior it has two cabins, being the front one for the Owner. She also has a living room, kitchen and a bathroom.

The hull would be wood-epoxy construction of composite panels, in order to minimize weigth. One or other option could be chosen on per boat basis according to the preferences of each Owner.

The lines of the Lagos L12 under the water, are highly hydrodynamic, which give her hull a high efficiency at high speedr, allowing her to achieve a speed in excess of 23 knots with only 300 hp of propulsive power. These lines are based on the lines that Lagos motor boats have had since 1940 and their subsequent evolution. This, together with her V-shape hull configuration will make of her a very fast, confortable and seaworthy boat.

She has a large partially covered cockpit, with port steering position, as has traditionally been done on Lagos boats.

The main particulars are as follows:

Main Particulars 
Total Length: 11.90 m
Waterline length: 10.58 m
Max. Beam: 3.88 m
Depth: 0.6 m
Displaced Volume: 7.36 m3
Displacement: 7.55 tons
Power: 300 hp
Max. Speed: 24 nudos
Black Waters Tank capacity: 80 l

Render Lagos L12
Lagos L12
Render of the classic aspect motorboat Lagos L12
Render of the classic aspect motorboat Lagos L12
Interior Layout of the Lagos L12
Interior Layout of the Lagos L12