Yacht Design

Yacht and Custom Boat Design

At Astilleros Lagos Boatyard  we can design your custom boat, up to 60′, to be built in wood, steel, aluminum, or composites.

We can design your sailing or motor boat, suited to your needs, and optimized for the use to which it will be destined, so if you are looking for a different boat, we can offer you after a study of your needs, your ideal boat.


Lagos 38DS Daysailer
Lagos 38DS Daysailer
Lagos 5.5 low consumption wooden outboard
Lagos 5.5 low consumption wooden outboard

These are some of the types of design jobs we do:

  • Wooden boats with classic and contemporary lines.
  • Oceanic boats adapted to the specific requirements of such navigations.
  • Light motor boats, of high speed and low consumption.
  • Light sailing vessels.
  • Styling and interior design.