History of Astilleros Lagos

A little bit about the origin of Astilleros Lagos

Astilleros Lagos Boatyard was founded in 1915 by Fernando Lagos Carsi. Fernando was born in the same city in 1889. He went to London to study at the age of 11, and years later he graduated as Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, by King’s College and London University, and later as Naval Architect by The Royal Technical College of Glasgow. In Glasgow he worked at the design office of the famous Shipyard John Brown.

Before the beginning of WWI, he definitely returned to Vigo, and started to build motor boats and dinghies. Lagos Boatyard had just been born.

The Boatyard went developing and growing bigger, and soon the production and vessels manufactured by the Boatyard achieved a great reputation. For example Lagos built Snipes were very well known in all Spain.

Gradually his sons were incorporated into the Boatyard. Fernando Lagos begins to withdrawal at age of 70, but he still designs boats for a few more years. He died when he was 87 years old.

In 1988 the third generation, that runs nowadays the Boatyard, starts to incorporate to Astilleros Lagos Boatyard.

Throughout our more than 100 years of activity, we have repaired wooden, aluminium, steel, grp, and ferrocement boats, from different parts of the world. We have also designed and built: rowing and sailing boats for Navy Officer Training, Landing Craft for the Spanish Navy, cold-molded dinghies and racing IOR 1 Ton and Quater Ton boats, sailing dinghies as Optimists, Cadetes, Mirros, Snipes, Stars, Dragons, and crusing sailing and motor boats, racing motor catamarans, Port Authority motor boats for La Coruña, Pontevedra, Vigo, Sevilla, Algeciras and Castellón de La Plana, etc…

Astilleros Lagos is one of the few European Boatyards that has been active for more than 100 years and belonging to three generations of the same family, devoted to repair and build pleasure and service craft, and our jobs are backed up by a great expertise and quality.

Motorboat built for Coronel Dusmet
Motorboat built for Coronel Dusmet
El Vigo, built in Astilleros Lagos for Robert Lockner
El Vigo, built in Astilleros Lagos for Robert Lockner

Video Centenary Astilleros Lagos Boatyard

Know more about the history of Astilleros Lagos Boatyard in this video:

Video of the Centenary of Astilleros Lagos