Lagos Santa Marta 13 (Lagos E1)

Lagos Santa Marta 13 (Lagos E1): Santa Marta Class

In parallel to the development of our prototype of wooden ecological speedboat, of reduced weight and low consumption, we have been working on this other project, the Lagos E1, will be the first of her class, the Santa Marta Class, characterized by the following features:

  • Light structure
  • Lap-strake type construction
  • Sencilled máxima en acabados para contener el precio
  • Traditional appearance
  • CNC cutting of the parts of the boat
  • Maximum use of marine plywood, protected by epoxy primer

The Lagos Santa Marta 13 is a dinghy with centerboard, that can be easily raised and lowered, and a folding rudder blade. She is very light. All these characteristics makes her specially easy to land on a beach, launch from a ramp, or sail in places very shallow.

Her rigging is lugger type (1/3 rigging), and apart from sailing, you can also row on her, or fit an electric outboard motor on her transom.

Santa Marta 13 sailing in Bayona
Santa Marta 13 sailing in Bayona
Lagos Santa Marta 13 in the MRCY de Bayona
Lagos Santa Marta 13 in the MRCY de Bayona