Boat lifting, maintenance and winterage

Boat lifting, stays on the hard, maintenance and winterage of pleasure boats

Along the coasts of the whole world there are magnificent facilities for the care and maintenance of boats. Although, what the majority of the oceanic sailors look for is a name, a person who looks after his boat as if she was his. This is why during the last 100 years boats have passed through our hands from Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Israel, Portugal, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, etc ..., besides Spain.

The Boatyard has 2 traditional slipways where we can haul out of the water sailing and motor boats up to 45 tons in displacement and aproximately 24 metres in length. We  also have a 900 sqm esplanada where we can take boats up to 20 tonnes out of the water with a mobile crane.

The Boatyard's enclosure is permanently closed, and an alarm sensor is installed on all vessels that connects to our central unit.

In our Boatyard we can store your boat during the winter outside the water in the open, or protected under cover.