Varnishing of pieces and boats

Varnishing of boat topsides, caprails, rubing strakes, transoms, cabins, pilothouses, coamings, interiors, or just any piece on board ... we can rejuvenate your boat, giving another look to her woods.

We recommend the application of polyurethane varnishes, or classic single component varnishes, to prolong the life of the wood on your boat exposed to the rays of the sun and weather. The varnish highlights the natural beauty of wood, and of all possible non-opaque wood treatments, is the most resistant protector.

Inside, in addition to the varnish, the oils also highlight the beauty of the wood. But they are of little use in the outside because the protection that they offer to the wood is very light.

Contrary to what is commonly accepted, an oil-based finish is no less labor intensive than varnish, since at the end, the initial preparation is the same, and if it is not frequently renewed (the oil lasts a few months) the protective film is damaged, and the wood begins to suffer the effects of environmental aggressions.