Classic Boat Restoration

In Astilleros Lagos Boatyard we are specialized in restoration of yachts and classic wooden boats.

The Restoration of a classic wooden vessel is a complex, slow and totally crafted process, by which a boat is returned to a similar state to when she was built, recovering her original state of construction and seaworthiness. In this process every piece, wood, and damaged joining fittings are renewed, but all those elements as wood pieces, fittings and structural members, that are still sound, are preserved as much as possible, to retein her spirit and essence.

A restoration can be done to different grades, depending on the real state of the patient, but allways the foremost important is to preserve structural integrity, strength and seaworthiness if she is going to sail again. Any Una restauración se puede realizar en diferentes grados, dependiendo de como esté el paciente, pero siempre lo indispensable y primordial será preservar y recuperar la resistencia e integridad estructural y navegabilidad si se va a utilizar. Any initial action outside this scope is a mere makeup and a waste of resources.

You can check some of the restorations that we have done the last few years in here.