Lagos 5.5: Speed outboard

Wooden speedboat of low consumption

Here it is a new design of 2009, a speedboat in wood, with an outboard engine and 5,5 metres of length, intended for fishing and day cruising.

A 90 hp outboard engine as the one used on the typical speedboat of 5-6 that we could find on any Marina, has a very high petrol consumption in litrs per hour. Also, the price to keep  a boat on the water is always on the raise.

The new model proposed by Astilleros Lagos retakes the philosophy of boats built by our Boatyard more than 50 years ago, in which the speed and economy of operation prevailed, which was achieved by a design and construction that produced a hull as light as possible . This was achieved by boats that could reach high speeds with very small engines, and because of their weight and dimensions could be easily removed from the water and towed by any vehicle.

We can build this boat with different interior arrangements to suit Owner's preferences, and we plan to make her available in 2 possible hull materials, wood or composites, using a novel procedure using sandwich panels (fibre glass - core- epoxy resin) to minimize weight. In the pictures to the right you can see exterior of the boat and proposed internal arrangement, with central console and bimini.

  • Total length: 5,55 m
  • Max beam: 2,10 m
  • Depth (casco solo) 0,20 m
  • Weigth (dry, without engine) 320 kg
  • Power 30/40 hp
  • Outboard weigth 81/98 kg
  • Max. spèed: 26 kn
  • Cruise speed: 15 kn
  • Capacity pax.: 4/6
  • Fuel tank: 25 trs.
These specifications are approximations and are subject to variation.