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81. New Online Store  
Screenshot of our online store We have been developing for the last year our new online store.  
82. Christmas 2014  
Our Founder, Fernando Lagos Carsi, in Glasgow in 1914 The Past is honored, the present is weathered, and the Future Conquered.
83. Universal Hatch Project by the Electric Sailing Society  
[Translate to English:] Prueba estanqueidad escotillas A few weeks ago the Electric Sailing Society, through one of their initiatives, The Electric Sailing Project, begun the development at our Boatyard of the Universal Offshore Hatch Concept.  
84. Back to Work 2014  
Hauling out One Tonner Alcaravan at Astilleros Lagos Today, Monday the 8th of September of 2014, we restarted the normal work at our Boatyard after the summer break, and after spending the last few days of the last week giving a facelift to the yard,…  
85. Bonaventura, Bowman 45  
Bonaventura at our slipway at Astilleros Lagos Boatyard Finished jobs on Bowman 45 Bonaventura, after winter storage and overall service of Bonaventura during the winter, last week we refloated this beautiful and overwhelming yacht of German flag.  
86. Launchings summer 2014  
Water Music back to the water after refit of her teak decks and other jobs Since April we have been slowly launching all the yachts wintered this year in our Boatyard.

87. Latest jobs February 2010  
ABUR at anchor at the Ria de Ares Work on the LAGOS 5.5 prototype boat progresses. We have laminated the transom with robinia wood, and assembled the deck.  
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