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71. Launchings Easter 2019  
CARRACHO, Sun 2000, in Bouzas, in front of our yard Yachts that are going to be sailing at Easter Season, finished and ready to sail.  
72. Wooden fleet of Portosin  
[Translate to English:] Alcaravan y Nueva Mareta en Astilleros Lagos A part of the Lagos wooden fleet from Portosin, is getting ready in our Boatyard, to spend the winter season with us.  
ALCYONE in the Liceo de Bouzas after wintering at Astilleros Lagos Boatyard First term: Pristine Grand Soleil 46.6 “ALCYONE” from the Royal Cruising Club and Royal Yacht Squadron, after winter works at Lagos Boatyard moored at Liceo Maritimo de Bouzas before departure to the…  
74. TALISKER back to the water (April 2017)  
Refloating TALISKER (Abril 2017), a Fantasi 44 that expent the winter with us On Tuesday, April 25th of 2017, we refloated TALISKER, a stunning Fantasi 44 from an English Owner, that spent the winter in our Boatyard.  
75. Freedom 44 WINDWALKER  
Launching Freedom 44 Windwalker at Astilleros Lagos, Abril 2017 On Tuesday (4th April of 2017) we refloated WINDWALKER, after a short stay in our Boatyard.  
76. 6mR ACACIA & CAPRICE ready for the beginning of 2017 6mR season  
6mR ACACIA at Astilleros Lagos On Tuesday, March 7th (2017), we refloated the other 2 6mR we had in the yard in addition to IAN during the winter, ACACIA, and CAPRICE.  
77. IAN back to the water for new 6mR Season 2017  
Refloating 6mR IAN, March 2017 IAN goes back to water for a new 6mR classic race season at Sangenjo beginning soon.  
78. Happy Christmas 2016  
Training boats lying on deck of the new TallShip UNION of the Peruvian Navy (Christmas2016) On the port side deck of the recently launched sailing training ship UNION of the Peruvian Navy, rests one of the two training vessels we designed and built during 2015 and 2016 by order of the SIMA…  
79. Happy Christmas 2015  
Video Xmas Astilleros Lagos Boatyard 2015-16 We wish you a Happy Christmas and that 2016 comes loaded with enthusiasm and good sailings. Many thanks for your constant support!  
80. Video of the Centenary of Astilleros Lagos Boatyard  
Video of the 100 Annyversary of Astilleros Lagos Boatyard Video of the Centenary of Astilleros Lagos Boatyard  
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