Classic Boat Brokerage

Classic Boat Brokerage

Welcome to our new section of brokerage. If you are thinking about selling your boat, and you would like to have her listed on this site, please send us an email.

Alternatively, if you want to advertise a boat for sale in the brokerage section of our website, you must register and submit the ad by clicking on the link that appears on this text (only visible if you are registered). We will review it before publishing and we reserve the right not to publish it if it does not meet our requirements.

This is mainly a section of brokerage for classic and wooden boats, therefore, and excepting our customers, all the boat announces you send, must be of this type.

The conditions in order that we list you boat in here are, in order of relevance, the following ones:

  • Wooden boats built by Lagos Boatyard.
  • Other boats built by Lagos Boatyard.
  • Wooden Boats of well-known designers and builders.
  • Other wooden boats.
  • Classic fibre-glass boats.

Our Customers' boats will be listed in any case.

(This is a free listing directory of boat announces inside our website. We do not check the ads, we do not warranty that the ads are correct, and we are not to be held resposible from any damage derived from the use of these announces or from the interpretation of what appears on them. In case of doubt please ask, and if you are considering buying any of these boats we recommend you to use the services of a professional surveyor).

Children categories

Classic Motor Boats

Classic Motor Boats (4)

Section of Classic Motor Boats for sale. Se incluyen barcos clásicos, modernos, de madera, y de fibra en venta. You can search in all the ads by  keywords, using the search form to the right titled "Search Boat".

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Classic Sailing & Rowing Boats

Classic Sailing & Rowing Boats (5)

Section with ads of Classic Sailing and Rowing Boats. You will find in here classic, modern, wooden and grp for sale. You can search the boats by keyword, using the search form to the right titled "Search Boats".

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